stop the ass turning!

The brilliant piece of advice I gave my friend last night. Truth be told, it sounded much better when spoken in Dutch.. But what I meant was stop wiggling around, stop refusing to choose! Just do it! As I told her that, I smiled. After hanging up the phone my smile turned into a laugh, a laugh at my own hypocrisy. Dude, who’s the one doing the ass wiggling???…..

Any way. This is it! 2014! The year in which I’ll achieve my goals! When I started this blog in October last year I set myself four goals and I got working on them. About half way through my personal “challenge” I have completed one, the first one..I have a home! And on my journey I have come to review the other 3 goals:

The business.

As you might know, besides finding a home, my business, my coffee shop was getting the most attention. Together with a coach I researched, planned, drafted. I contacted real estate agents, started dreaming up floor plans, began looking into finances. And then it dawned on me: this isn’t it. Wow! Talk about ass turning! Yes. My idea, my dream of having a coffee shop/cafe still exists. But whenever I visualise it, it always comes up with a palm tree, sea breeze, surf and a hammock. And Amsterdam, though sweet, does not provide the right setting. This does not mean that I have given up my goal! I still plan to be a successful & independent entrepreneur in 6 months time, just in a different way. I’m working on it. Behind the scene. And the coffee shop-cafe, I haven’t discarded it completely. I simply put it in the fridge.

The relationship.

What can I say? I’ll let Phil’s mum do the talking.

The dog.

Ah, the dog..I’m afraid I’ve had to give up on this one. I’m not allowed a dog where I live. But, we have a cat. I guess the cat, Diego Fernandes, kind of substitutes the dog. It’ll do for now.

Right, so I’ve done some serious wiggling. Though I believe it’s been for the better. Setting these goals, researching and working hard has allowed me step closer to knowing what it is that I really want. Doing, reviewing, dreaming and daring to change course. Maybe a little bit of ass turning is alright, but in the end you’ve got to move!

Seems like a wise thought for the monday morning! Have a great week!




on my way

That was an interesting afternoon of meeting my coach and seminars! Brain is fueled, gushing with new ideas, motivation is sky high and feel focused again. Yes!

First it’s time for a Friday night drink! :) Happy weekend!


when in doubt..

watch Alain de Botton (even if it’s just for his lovely perfectly-English English accent) and move past the fear..

It’s been quiet, I’ve been busy. Not with my goals though. I’ve been living. I’ve changed jobs, worked plenty, been hanging out with friends and family. And before I knew all my days were filled with “living”. No time for my goals. 

It’s made me feel uncomfortable. How I’m I getting anywhere if I’m not focusing? Thing is, I am focusing. But my focus has shifted and it’s time to revisit my goals:

  1. home: got it!!
  2. business: working on it, need to step over the fear!
  3. relationship: has lost its importance, busy enough as it is and (most importantly) happy this way :)
  4. dog: the home i found doesn’t allow dogs, but there’s a cat and I have the coolest babysit-dog, so i’ve kinda got this one sorted!

So it seems that I’m living, working on my goals and doing alright…why was I feeling uncomfortable? Wake up call!!!



I had an “aha!” moment last night. It suddenly made sense! The business plan is crucial, so everyone keeps telling me. And I’ve dutifully and obediently been working on my business plan. But yesterday I connected writing my business plan to the lessons I’ve learnt about goal setting recently. Writing a business plan is nothing more than setting goals, the way my guru’s taught me. It’s a way of consciously and sub-consciously feeding your mind with healthy bites, setting yourself and your startup up for succes. I’ve got it! :) No excuses.


the golden hour


In medicine ‘the golden hour’ is that first period after a casualty which is crucial to the survival/recovery of the injured person. Luckily, that’s not the one I’m referring too…The one I’m talking about is the first hour of your day. According to all my new YouTube guru’s this first hour (and what you do with it) has a big impact on the course and effectivity of the rest of your day. Challenge accepted!

My day started with my daily sit-ups and push-ups (when I started my journey to June 2014, I vowed to do 20 push-ups and 2x 60 sit-ups every morning first thing after waking up…which means I’ve been accomplishing at least one goal everyday! Great for my ego :)). With goal nr. 1 down, I went for a run and nearly smashed my 5k record; check goal of the day nr. 2! Writing this was goal of the day nr. 3, so at 9.15AM I’ve managed to tick off 3 goals. Golden hour well spent! Excited to see what the rest of the day will bring.. :)

Oh yes, not completely unimportant: it seems I found a “home”! Will be moving to my new casa, which I’ll be sharing with 8 others and a cat, in three weeks! Woehoe!!!

Have a happy day too! And make the most of your golden hour!


P.S. For more goldenness, check out this golden girl..truly inspirational!

a few minutes

is all it takes! Seriously! I don’t think I spent more than 6 minutes talking to this coach at the speed dating yesterday but she completely changed my perspective.

Yes. Yesterday was a success! I managed to network (be brave, approach people and hand out my business card), listened to some inspiring speakers and most importantly I think I found a coach.

I talked to 5 potential coaches (who all seemed to like my idea :)) and out of the 5, 2 said to do it the traditional way (business plan, investors, etc.) and 2, quite literally, said “What are you doing here? Just start! Tomorrow!” So far it was traditional vs. cowboy.. The 5th coach was a traditional cowboy; an inbetweener with a strong financial background. My match! (Hopefully).

So, I’m going to let a bit of the cowgirl coach advice in; leave the very traditional trail, put on the cowboy hat and do it!

Happy weekend!

i’m still here

I haven’t given up! No, I’m not giving in that easily. Though quitting this blog and even my goals has crossed my mind…on a daily basis. I’ve been ridiculously busy the last few weeks. Ok, maybe ‘ridiculously busy’ should be seen in the right context: I have spent the last 4 years surfing and travelling where my biggest stress was the choice of which board to wax up and where and what to eat.

But yes, I have been really quite busy. The biggest source of unrest being the lack of a house. But that has been sorted! I found a spot right smack in the centre of Amsterdam and having a place I can call mine is great. It makes the snoring, loud, smelly neighbours and the shared shower room forgettable :) The search for “home” continues.

eye spy

Business wise things are coming along. Very, very slowly. This afternoon I’m headed off to the round 1 prize giving ceremony of the New Venture competition. Where I’ll be networking, speed dating and if all goes well I’ll find my dream coach! Then, at the beginning of December I start my new job – at a coffee shop. With real coffee beans, coffee machines and barista’s. Let the training begin! I’m getting there.

So I haven’t been sitting still: I got a new job, a place to call mine and I took some small steps towards my own business. Oh, and I went on a little holiday to Portugal ;)

beach feet

Right, I’m off to pick up my freshly printed business cards (a last minute idea, but being able to hand out something whilst I’m doing this networking stuff seems like a good idea… thanks mum!). Till the next time!